Crochet Rectangular Rug – Free Pattern


Hello everybody! Let’s learn how to make another crochet classic. It could be that the rug was the first item you saw crocheted. It’s that classic piece, which looks beautiful in the environment, complementing the decor. The pattern will be the crochet rectangular rug. How to look at a rectangular crochet rug and not feel welcomed and embraced by the environment?

Well, this type of piece has the incredible ability to connect us with our own home, bringing those affective memories that connect us to childhood, the home of parents and grandparents. But the best part of all this vintage atmosphere is that, for some time now, the rectangular crochet rug has returned to success in decoration, being widely found in editorials and inspiring photos on the internet.

And if you have a little affinity for threads and needles, you are already able to create your own crochet rug. Once ready, the rug can become the highlight of the decoration of different environments, such as the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the entrance hall and wherever else you think the piece will go well.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Inews60s

The fact is that regardless of where the rectangular crochet rug is located, it is a comfort for the eyes, for the feet and for the soul. Those who work with crochet already know that they need to have three basic and indispensable materials on hand. Crochet hook, thread and scissors.

Among the types of thread available, the most recommended for rugs is string or mesh. Precisely because they are more resistant and durable. You will find the pattern video tutorial on Inews60s. Watch it a first time before starting to crochet to learn the stitches that need to be worked. It’s not difficult and we’re sure you’ll rock it. Tell us here in the comments what you think, we are very happy to have your opinion.


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