Vintage Block Along – Free Pattern


The quilt blocks are very beautiful, one different from the other and with very beautiful prints and combinations. Today we are going to learn a classic quilt block, the vintage block along. The quilt blocks are amazing, we’re sure you guys also spend a lot of time making this cool craft. It’s like a puzzle, you choose the prints, cut and assemble a beautiful piece.

The pattern combines some different but very delicate prints that look perfect together. You can use it as inspiration to make your own combinations. The pattern isn’t big, so you shouldn’t take too long to complete. In addition, the amount of fabric required is also not large. The variety of colors and prints can be changed according to the combinations you want. Before starting to sew, cut out all the scraps and assemble the piece for the first time.

That way, if anything is missing, you cut it before you start sewing. And if the combination doesn’t turn out the way you were imagining, it’s the perfect time to switch. Block quilts can be used to make quilts, table runners, centerpieces, a multitude of ideas. We are sure you will like it and take advantage of this quilt block to have new ideas. If manual crafts are also therapy for you, take this time calmly.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Bee im My Bonnet

Don’t be in a hurry to finish, do it in your own time. Put on a song that cheers you up, a movie or series. In addition to cheering you up, they can serve as sources of inspiration. Once we started making crafts, we got more creative. Everything serves as inspiration. The vintage block along pattern is available from Bee in My Bonnet.

The step by step, cutting and sewing instructions and measurements can be found there. Read the pattern more than once if you need to, just to be sure. And do this before you start cutting the fabric. Let us know what you think and if you have any new suggestions for what you want to learn here in the comments. We would love to have your feedback. Now, let’s quilt!


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