Flashy Banana Crochet Stitch – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! It’s a huge pleasure to be able to count on you and see that you like the patterns we bring to you. Before sharing, we always test and approve the pattern, so you don’t have any problems when crocheting. Today’s pattern is the flashy banana stitch. A different crochet stitch that will inspire you to create beautiful pieces.

You may have already noticed that the most common crochet stitches are not used in all patterns. That’s why we’re looking for new models to help you create your own pieces. This point can make all the difference in a model you are thinking about. It is a more open point, very beautiful and well worked. It is not recommended to make more closed pieces, for colder days.

But for the rest, bags, rugs, dresses, it looks very beautiful. You already know that with crochet, we can make mistakes, undo and do it again. So don’t be discouraged if the first stitches don’t look very nice. Just like anything, crochet needs to be practiced often to get better and better. Do it as you have time, without rushing. If you still don’t know what you’re going to do, take a yarn you have lying around, left over from another project, and test the stitch.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Step by step

This way you can visualize better and have new ideas. If you want, you can sample the different crochet stitches. We always end up remembering when we see the stitch, remember how to do it and creativity starts thinking about the pieces. The flashy banana stitch pattern is available here for you.

The video tutorial guides you through the whole process, starting the stitch, increasing the rows. Watch the video for the first time before starting to crochet. We’re always excited to hear your ideas, let us know in the comments. If you have any suggestions, anything you want to learn, let us know here too. We will search, test and share with you. Shall we crochet?


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