Geometry Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern


Hey sweeties! Half the week arrived and we came back with a pattern for us, a crochet piece to use on cold or milder days. That’s cool, crafts allow us to create so many different pieces, a multitude of ideas. It’s impossible to have it all done and new ideas come up every time. That’s why we share everything to motivate more people to create an evolution to reach all people. Among the patterns you will find beautiful models, like today’s Geometry Wrap. 

At first glance, the garment looks like a simple coat. But when we see the construction of the piece, the other photos and step by step, we understand that it is like a scarf. A wide crochet strip, with slightly open stitches, lighter yarns and different colors. This is the result of the play. It’s simple to make, perfect for someone just starting out and looking for a different pattern. 

Crochet is an art that has become a tradition among several families. Many people learn from their mothers and grandmothers, and the trend is that the technique is actually passed on from generation to generation. But if you weren’t that lucky and want to start in the world of crochet, how about writing down foolproof tips to learn without restrictions? I know that when we enter a store we want to buy one item of each, but take it easy. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Two of Wands 

To crochet you don’t need a lot of materials. Opt for the basic materials, crochet hook, yarn and scissors. Also because there are few crochet pieces that require different materials. The choice of yarn is always very important. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one, but the yarn has to be of good quality. So you will have a comfortable piece to the touch and that will last longer. The choice of crochet hook depends a lot on the yarn you are going to choose. 

If in doubt, read the yarn package you chose. There you will find the indications for the best performance of yarn. See how easy it is to crochet? Gradually you will get the practice, and you will be able to discover increasingly complex graphs and recipes. Ready to get started? Come see the geometry wrap pattern in Two of Wands. Before anything else, read the pattern a first time. Choose materials and then start crocheting. Was there any doubt? Come chat with us here in the comments.


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