Trellis and Tassels Knit Afghan – Free Pattern


Hello everybody! Shall we start another beautiful week? Together, I’m sure we will learn and produce a lot of beautiful things. We are here for this, to help and inspire each other to continue making a lot of crafts. To kick off this week, let’s share the Trellis and Tassels Knit Afghan. Blankets are already classic items, present in the decorations of various environments.

Charming and cozy, the knitting blanket is a great option for decorating your living room. In addition to, of course, being extremely comfortable to warm up on colder days. The beautiful pieces give an even more inviting air to your home. To have a blanket made with knitting at home, there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and making your own piece. In addition to making beautiful pieces, it’s a great hobby.

A knitting blanket has many uses. It can be used to cover a bed or other furniture in the house, to warm adults and babies. It gives off a cozy and nostalgic air, and really warms up when needed. The knitting blanket can be made in many different colors and formats. It can add an unusual charm to any room in the house. Knitting blankets must be handled with care so that no yarn is pulled or cut.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

They should be washed preferably by hand, because in the washing machine they can deform or fill with balls. Preferably use mild soap and a little fabric softener. They must never be twisted. When drying, place them horizontally and not on the clothesline, so they don’t deform. The Trellis and Tassels pattern is available at Yarnspirations.

There you have everything you need to learn. Instructions, necessary materials, special stitches and measurements. If you’re still not in the habit of knitting, it’s time to learn a new hobby. Practicing a little every day or whenever you have a little time, will help you evolve and improve. Tell us here in the comments what you think and, if you have any doubts, let us know here too. Now it’s time to separate your needles and yarns and start knitting.


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