Grandma’s Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern


One of the coolest things about crafts is that you never get bored. We always have a different pattern, full of charm, that enchants us and we already want to start sewing. To make today’s pattern, let’s put the crochet hook aside and sew a little. Grandma’s Star is a classic quilt block. Full of color and different prints, it forms a beautiful star that will stand out in all decorations and environments.

Quilt blocks can be used as decoration items, it can be a beautiful pillow cover or a block to compose a quilt. They look great as centerpieces and by sewing some together you have a table runner. There is no shortage of ideas, just use creativity. If you’ve never sewn, haven’t made any quilt blocks yet, we advise you to start with an easier pattern.

While this one isn’t difficult, grandma’s star needs some seams that might seem complicated for a beginner, but read the pattern first. For many people it’s easier, feel confident and go for it. To make grandma’s star, you will need several squares. When you start making the cuts, start with the biggest ones. If a cut isn’t the right size, you can still use the same scrap for smaller cuts. This quilt block allows for many color and pattern combinations.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Bee In My Bonnet

You can choose a patterned fabric and match the colors from that pattern. We are sure you will make beautiful combinations. The Grandma’s Star pattern is available on Bee In My Bonnet. The cutout sizes, fabric suggestions and all the steps to form the quilt block will help you have a beautiful Grandma’s Star.

We hope you like it too and let us know how it was to make this beautiful pattern. Tell us here in the comments. We are very happy to see you here and to be able to bring so many beautiful ideas. Don’t forget to separate all the materials before you start, so you don’t have to stop halfway through sewing. Now that you know where to find all the information, let’s start sewing!


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