Woven Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi loves! How was your week? We hope to find you all well, excited for another weekend that has arrived. Amazing how our week is going by faster and faster. The more we test new patterns, the faster it goes. Today we want to share Woven Crochet Baby Blanket with you. This model is very beautiful, very delicate and full of charm. With light colors, the blanket is even more baby-like.

The baby blanket is all made in crochet, this technique that is so shared around here. Crochet is old, many people learn from other generations, from mothers and grandmothers. It’s a relaxing technique, for me it works like therapy. A time I take to evolve, to distract myself and dedicate myself to a different hobby. Blankets are essential in the children’s trousseau.

It’s where they stay cozy, comfortable and warm. Thinking about their comfort, we have to be careful when choosing yarns. His skin is more sensitive, more prone to irritation. So choose softer yarns, preferably anti-allergenic. As for the colors, in the pattern a very light color is chosen as the main one and the others are more colorful. Regardless of the color you choose, remember that the others cannot be alike.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Blue Star Crochet

The colors have to contrast for the details to show. Let’s talk about sizes. Some people like to make the blanket the size of their crib. As this changes according to the model that each one has, here are some tips on how to adjust it. You can adjust the width by adjusting the foundation chain, make sure to start with even number of chains (start working in 2nd ch from hook to be left with odd number of stitches) or work odd number of fsc.

To adjust the length of the blanket, simply work more/less rows. The woven crochet baby blanket pattern is available in Blue Star Crochet. It has the step by step described and the video tutorial. You can go with what you think is best. But see or read the entire pattern before starting to crochet. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments. Let’s crochet!


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