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Double Pinwheel Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hello my dear friends! You know the incredible variety of different patterns we have available. We always find a different place to decorate, a change that we want to make in the decoration. Thinking about learning one more pattern idea, let’s see how to make the double pinwheel quilt block. This quilt is very beautiful, […]

Duck Tracks Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! It’s always a pleasure to see you here and to be able to bring you new patterns for us to learn together. Today it is the Duck Tracks Quilt Block. Remember that this is our craft space, where we share new techniques, new patterns and our experiences. It’s amazing to know that no […]

Card Trick Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Let’s learn one newer pattern together, the Card Trick Quilt Block. This pattern is very beautiful. In addition to being colorful and full of life, the overlapping of the squares gives the impression of an optical illusion. If you’re not used to sewing yet, don’t worry, it’s not difficult. Quilt blocks are highly […]