The Puff Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi everybody! We hope your week is being very lively, full of colors and lots of crafts. You already know that we love to come here and share new things with you. It can be hard to keep the rhythm and do all the patterns that we bring here, but keep separating it for when you have more time. The Puff Quilt is that different pattern, a quilt full of texture and cuteness.

Made with small squares, this quilt is all colorful and full of prints. What you can take advantage of is to separate scraps left over from other projects to make this quilt. There are several ways to use it, whether as a seat for chairs, quilt for babies’ cribs. Here at home, we took the opportunity to put it in the children’s playroom.

You can put it on the floor and make the environment more comfortable for the little ones to sit and play. It’s that perfect quilt to take along on walks. Because it is more comfortable, it is the best option to take on a picnic and accommodate everyone. In this pattern, the materials needed are common to all quilts. Filling the squares is the stuff you might not have, but it’s easy to find at craft stores.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Jo’s Country Junction

As for the sizes, in the photos you can see that several sizes are beautiful. To make larger quilts, increase the number of squares or their size. There are many options, be creative and create pieces that are charming. The puff quilt pattern is available at Jo’s Country Junction. There you will learn how to make the squares, fill and sew each one.

It’s not a difficult pattern. If you haven’t sewn yet, it could very well be your first pattern. Tell us here in the comments what you think. We will be very happy to read and hear your opinion. If you have any suggestions, please comment here too. We will be happy to search and share with you. Let’s separate our materials and quilt!


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