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Comedy Cover Blanket – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! What a beautiful week we spent together. I hope you guys enjoyed the patterns and learned new tips along with us. And now the weekend comes, do you know what you’re going to do? How about crocheting a beautiful blanket? Comedy Cover is a very colorful, cheerful and fun pattern. Each round comes […]

Starburst Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to meet you here. We are very happy to be able to share new patterns with you. Are you taking the time to practice? I know that during the week it gets much busier, but you can take the opportunity to read and understand the patterns. Like the one we brought you […]

Geometry Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey sweeties! Half the week arrived and we came back with a pattern for us, a crochet piece to use on cold or milder days. That’s cool, crafts allow us to create so many different pieces, a multitude of ideas. It’s impossible to have it all done and new ideas come up every time. That’s […]

Bear Finger Puppet – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! What a pleasure to be able to spend another day with you. We are very happy to have your company and we hope that the models we share will help you and inspire you to continue creating. Ready to fall in love? Bear Finger Puppet is very cute, sympathetic and very delicate. […]

Double Pom Pom Crochet Hat – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Another week is starting and we are already here to remind you that we always have a new pattern to learn. We are very grateful to have you here with us. This motivates us even more to continue learning, testing and wanting to keep this cool contact with you guys. The amount of […]

Crochet Paintings Appliques – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! What a pleasure to meet you here, even on the weekend. We don’t stop looking for and testing patterns. And we do this to share with you and because we love it so much too. It’s a wonderful therapy, a way to pass the time and even earn extra money if you’re […]

Toddler Dress – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey my loves! Another week we’ve spent together and we’re so grateful for it. Having your company is a reason for inspiration for us to keep looking for our best. New techniques, new patterns, show our evolution and encourage us to always keep going. And with you here, everything gets even more special. That’s why […]

Christmas Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We were very happy to be here for another day, together with you to learn a new pattern. When we find a new model, different and beautiful, we are already anxious to test it and come here to share it with you. Especially at this time when everything is turning red and […]

Hooded Dragon Scarf – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! Good to have you here with us. We are very grateful to have your company and increasingly inspired to learn new pieces and share everything here with you. And today is a beautiful day to crochet some more. That’s why we brought the Hooded Dragon Scarf, a fun and super friendly model. This […]

C2C Zipper Pouch Crochet – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We are very happy to find you here, it is always a pleasure to be able to bring you new patterns that we have learned and want to share with you. Knowing that you remember us makes us very excited. There are so many possibilities, ideas for pieces and combinations in our […]