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Crochet Paintings Appliques – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! What a pleasure to meet you here, even on the weekend. We don’t stop looking for and testing patterns. And we do this to share with you and because we love it so much too. It’s a wonderful therapy, a way to pass the time and even earn extra money if you’re […]

Crochet Pansy Flower – Free Pattern

Hello sweeties! How are you? We hope you enjoyed the weekend, rested and prepared for another amazing week. We have already separated and tested all the patterns that we are going to share with you, one more beautiful than the other. Today we are going to learn the crochet pansy flower. One of the most […]

6 Petal Puff Stitch Flower – Free Pattern

Hello loves! Let’s learn how to make a beautiful garden, with the 6 Petal Puff Stitch Flower. This flower is very beautiful, full of cuteness and delicacy. The flowers are puffy, with a fluffy texture. So you can use it on different items. They look beautiful when sewn together, forming a beautiful blanket. You know […]