Diamonds in Twilight Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my darlings! What new pieces have you been making? We hope you have been able to practice a little during these days. Even if it’s fifteen minutes, it helps you evolve, stay inspired and exercise your creativity. The Diamonds in Twilight Wrap is a beautiful, lightweight wrap that is great for warmer months. If you think that crochet pieces are just for colder days, this pattern is here to change your mind.

It’s an amazing piece that comes to complement your look. It can gain all the attention if you choose a yarn with a more vibrant color. It can complement if it is with a similar tone. Either way, it’s going to be a blast. It is a piece with more open stitches, which is why it is not suitable for colder days. With that in mind, you will choose yarns that are best suited for the summer. Thin yarns are the best.

Have you ever thought about using this piece with a more elegant look? If you have a wedding, choose a yarn that matches your dress and rock that event. Let’s talk about the materials. You will need approximately 516 yards of sport weight yarn. This pattern is rated intermediate in difficulty level. But read the pattern first, understand the steps that will need to be done, and then start crocheting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Diamonds in Twilight Wrap

There is a photo tutorial and special stitch dictionary within the pattern. Following the pattern, you will make a piece of approximately 75” L x 16.5” W. Come check out the Diamonds in Twilight Wrap step by step. The yarn that the designer chose is already colored, so you don’t have to keep changing yarns.

Changing the yarns is a step that took me a long time to learn, finishing the finish very well. But with time and practice, you will improve. Go slowly, taking your time. Don’t cover yourself, do it like it’s time to relax. Now that we have the basic tips, let’s start crocheting? Read the pattern, separate the materials and let’s crochet!


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