Crochet Bobble Stitch – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! It is a great pleasure to see you here so that, together, we can learn many beautiful things. Everything that we test and see that is very beautiful, we bring to share with you. The crochet bobble stitch was the last stitch we tested and we were delighted with the final effect. It is a point that makes all the difference in the design of the piece.

It has a very different and charming texture. It’s a detail that doesn’t need to be added later, you already do it together with the pattern. The ideas are endless, most crochet patterns can be made with other stitches. You can test and see what the final result looks like. Use a piece of yarn left over from another pattern and test the stitch.

So you already have an idea and start thinking about pieces to make. Make and undo the stitch as many times as necessary to feel confident and then move on to the final piece. The bobble stitch crochet is perfect for a baby blanket. You can vary the colors of the lines making the piece even more beautiful. In the photos, you can see that once you learn how to make the stitches, the variations are endless.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sirin’s Crochet

You can make the whole blanket with bobbles, stripes of bobbles or random bobbles all over the blanket. When the blanket is made in one color and the bobbles in another, it gives the impression that it has pom poms sewn on. It’s a multitude of ideas, just let the creativity work. The crochet bobble stitch pattern is available at Sirin’s Crochet.

In addition to the step by step, you have access to the video tutorial to teach you how to make the stitch. We hope you enjoy it, create a lot of beautiful things from this pattern. If you want to let us know what you think, we’d be delighted to read your feedback. Enjoy the weekend to rest and seek inspiration close to those we love. Now, let’s crochet!


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